Harry Solo Fonts


8/10/2022 : Harry Solo Friends and Supporters. I have spoken to many of you amazing folks over the past few months and have come to realize a few things about the current state of Saberland, and figuring out exactly what I want MY mission to be for my contribution to it. At the end of the day....this is my passion project. I am here to create something that I enjoy hearing, and it brings me even more joy when you folks reach out to me showing me videos or clips of your favorite Harry Solo Font on their saber. This makes my day. 

In light of recent economic downturn and prices seemingly getting higher and higher on everything we want and need, I have decided that Harry Solo Fonts should be a beacon for the community, and my work should be available to anyone that desires it for their collection. 

Prices on ALL of my fonts, as of today, will be reduced drastically until further notice. I hope that by doing this, many of you out there can continue to enjoy their sabers and their hobby without having to sacrifice necessitites or otherwise. 

MTFBWY All. Thank you so much for your continued support and for being such amazing folks, each and every one of you.