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'New Beginnings (21-22)' Ultimate Soundfont Bundle

'New Beginnings (21-22)' Ultimate Soundfont Bundle
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Are you a true collector that would make the likes of a certain cyborg General envious? Well this bundle is for you. Complete with every soundfont I have made available since my business and site went live almost a year ago! This pack contains 14 soundfonts in one!

Bundle up and save!

Pack Contains:
Bad Shot Biker
8th Brother (Octavo Inquisitorius)
Foolish Old Man (03 animated)
Kaiju Killer
Maz's Basement Graflex
Phoenix Redemption
Revenge of Bladesmiths Son (classic rapier sound!)
Ronin (Visions)
Crystal Workbench & None in the Chamber

This is my way of saying thank you to you all for your support in the past year. Stay tuned for more exciting giveaways, and more!