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Octavo Inquisitorius - (Eighth Brother)

Octavo Inquisitorius - (Eighth Brother)


Search for 'The Shadow' and crush any enemy in your path.

This 'Eighth Brother' font is faithfully crafted to be an accurate representation of one of my personal favorite lightsaber sounds in the entire SW Universe. Despite his extremely limited screen-time, this character brings a daunting presence to the 'Rebels' story, and I wanted to capture my love of Inquisitors and throw it all into this one.

My absolute largest font thus far, this has been my biggest challenge and proudest creation in the canon-font realm. With a whopping ....


6 Smoothswing pairs!!!
20 Accent Swings!!!!
2 lockups!
4 ignitions/retractions

8th Brother Art Commission by: nthnrymhngpt on Fiverr