Harry Solo Fonts

Crystal Workbench

Crystal Workbench

A groundbreaking and highly interactive soundfont, designed to be a "display" oriented soundfont. This 2 for 1 package included both the Crystal Workbench font, and the None in The Chamber font.

Crystal Workbench: "this weapon is your life" so FIX IT! Engage the repair protocols built into your trusty lightsaber, and let the onboard A.I. (Gentleman With The Voices) guide you in your quest to fix your trusty weapon. A highly interactive font that reacts to everything you do! Swing, Press Buttons, Smack (not too hard) your hilt, and watch as it reacts to your every motion and command.

None In The Chamber: Oops, no crystal! This font is perfect for a hilt with no blade attached, to represent what a saber would sound like with no crystal installed!

While these fonts are OPTIMIZED for Proffie and CFX, they will work and versions are included for GHv3 and XENO as well.


Blade style effects are linked to font sounds! The legendary Brian Conner AKA NoSloppy created this for me. Hope you all enjoy this masterpiece of a blade style.

Tutorial Video and explanation! :