Harry Solo Fonts



Destiny 2 Inspired Guardian sound font! Channel the power of the guardians through your saber and activate your super to tear through your enemies and unleash your inner light!

Contains versions of this font compatible with CFX, VERSO, and PROFFIE boards!

Sounds Included: 7 Blaster Blocks, 10 Clashes, Drag, Lockup and Endlock, 3 Force Sounds, 3 smoothswing pairs, Hum, 3 Ignitions, Retraction, Preon, 2 Stabs, and 8 Accent Swings!!!!

Also included is a matching blade style for Proffie! Thanks to Fett263 for his style configurator!

Huge shoutout to Le Jedi Arctique and NoSloppy for helping me get this project together and teaching me a few tricks along the way.